Thursday, July 12, 2007

Guy Kawasaki live on

I watched Guy's interview on Ustream. Interesting concept "Viral interviewing". As the interviewer explained it, the first person who is interviewed (Guy) will be asked to open his black books to suggest who should be interviewed next, thus creating a chain of live interviews.

Guy doesn't own an iPhone because 1. AT&T's network is bad (Gotta agree!) 2. Doesn't know he can get by without a physical keyboard (Laser keyboard docking accessory for the iPhone anyone?) 3. Any phone of his needs to support an Exchange server.. interesting reasons, from an Apple Evangelizer.

The interview moved on to Guy's sandals next. Turns out they're a high tech. pair. It's made of some special material "reef-er"(?) and has a "dram" - you can open it and fill it with any liquid! has this definition of dram: "a small portion of something to drink".

The funniest Guy Kawasaki story - Guy has a VW Cabriolet and was at a light when a car with 4 teenage girls pulled up next to him. They were laughing and giggling and signed for him to roll down the window. Fully expecting adulation, he rolled down his windows only to be asked if he's Jackie Chan... Guy dreams of the day when Jackie Chan will roll down his windows in Hong Kong only to be asked if he's Guy..

Funny guy Guy...

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