Friday, October 1, 2010

Wesabe vs. Mint

Wesabe and Mint were both financial services start-up that aimed to make it easy for consumers to manage their finances. They were “born” at around the same time, whereas Mint was acquired by Intuit about a year ago and Wesabe shut down a couple of months ago. I came across this thoughtful post by one of the founders of Wesabe on why Wesabe lost to Mint and it made sense to include it in my “lessons learned” blog. The takeaway sounds very simple but is not, as can be attested by many a start-up founder who did not succeed:

"Focus on what really matters: making users happy with your product as quickly as you can, and helping them as much as you can after that. If you do those better than anyone else out there you'll win."

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Shahnaz said...

liked your post Shuba...and I totally agree.