Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thanks Guy!

So I got an email today that took me completely by surprise. It was from Guy Kawasaki saying he enjoyed my blog post titled "Salesmanship" and had tweeted it. And lo and behold, my inbox is deluged with comments/questions/interest about my blog at a scale unprecedented so far! Some of the notes were so thought provoking and engaging that I've decided to reconsider my decision of using this blog as a personal wiki. I learned today that there's much to be learned from my "lessons learned" by engaging the wider entrepreneurial community. So, Thanks Guy!, for the shout out on Twitter, and Thank you, Tweeters!, for taking the time to write so many thoughtful messages. I promise to respond to each of you individually though it may take a little longer than my usual email turnaround time.

1 comment:

cking1 said...

Apparently Guy and Christina have similar tastes in blog posts!

Well done Shuba, enjoy the waves of adulation.